“Lucy did a reading of my Akashic records yesterday, and I was blown away with the accuracy. This was NOT the sort of general psychic reading which, even though it may resonate with the client, could apply to anyone. Knowing nothing except my current name and my name and address at birth, she was able to describe my character, and challenges to a 'T' in a way that makes that knowledge actionable. Wow, just WOW!”


"The readings I've had from Lucy are spot on!  She is truly gifted!"


"Lucy has been doing private readings for me for years.  She is my trusted source when there is an issue at hand and I need some advice. Lucy brings clarity to otherwise cloudy life events.  I would be lost without her."


"Lucy, you are the only one who came close to reading me.  Any other readers never ever got close"


"Lucy has been my personal reader for 20+ years. She never ceases to amaze me with her insight and accuracy!"


"I've had many, many readings in my life. I've seen gifted readers that have been spot on before, but what Lucy did blew my mind. This is not your typical reading..."